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Start your day off right with a delicious breakfast.
Enjoy a breakfast buffet featuring a wide variety of both Western and Japanese dishes at Cafe Restaurant “Serena.”

Hours6:45 ~ 10:00
Adults 4,000 JPY
Children (7 to 12 years old) 2,200 JPY

*Children up to 6 years old are free.

*All prices listed are inclusive of consumption tax and service charge.

*Photos for illustrative purposes only. Please note that menu items are subject to change without notice.

Recommended dishes

  • Kansai-Style Beef Udon

    Kansai-Style Beef Udon

    A famous Kansai dish featuring udon noodles topped with sweet and savory simmered beef, made with a particular focus on the broth. *Available until the end of May

  • Mixed breakfast menu

    Mixed breakfast menu

    Choose from a variety of items in the buffet area including bacon, cold meats, colorful heated vegetables, salads, and fruits.

  • Honeycomb and honey

    Honeycomb and honey

    Enjoy delicious, natural honey straight from the comb. Use it on toast, in tea, or any way you like!

  • Japanese-style breakfast

    Japanese-style breakfast

    Grilled fish and other Japanese-style side dishes are also available. Our Japanese-style breakfast selection includes fluffy white rice, miso soup, natto (fermented soybeans), and Japanese-style pickles.

  • Breakfast bakery

    Breakfast bakery

    Browse a wide selection of breads and baguettes, including croissants, butter rolls, and Danishes.

  • Kansai-style dishes

    Kansai-style dishes

    Choose from a variety of seasonal dishes highlighting the flavors of Kansai including takoyaki (octopus dumplings), oden (Japanese winter stew), and udon noodles (served hot or cold).

  • Beef Tendon Stew

    Beef Tendon Stew

    This is a Japanese dish made with the tendon part of beef, offering a rich flavor. Slow cooking brings out the umami from the meat, characterized by its thickness and tenderness. It can also be enjoyed as "Beef Tendon Bowl" with rice and a fried egg.

  • Sweets


    We offer a variety of sweets, including traditional Japanese dumplings called "Mitarashi Dango" and fluffy soufflé cheesecake.

Hotel Nikko Osaka is an Alliance Hotel of Universal Studios Japan.