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Start your day off right with a delicious breakfast.
Enjoy a breakfast buffet featuring a wide variety of both Western and Japanese dishes at Cafe Restaurant “Serena.”

Hours6:45 ~ 10:00
Adults3,800 JPY
Children (Elementary school students)2,000 JPY

*Children younger than elementary school–age eat free.

*All prices listed are inclusive of consumption tax and service charge.

*Photos for illustrative purposes only. Please note that menu items are subject to change without notice.

Recommended dishes

  • Freshly cooked rolled omelet with dashi broth

    Each omelet is cooked fresh using a generous amount of the hotel’s signature dashi broth. Enjoy the hot and fluffy texture of this delicious dish.

  • Omelet / Fried egg

    Omelets and fried eggs—staples of any breakfast meal—are made fresh by in-house chefs at the performance corner.

  • Mixed breakfast menu

    Choose from a variety of items in the buffet area including bacon, cold meats, colorful heated vegetables, salads, and fruits.

  • Honeycomb and honey

    Enjoy delicious, natural honey straight from the comb. Use it on toast, in tea, or any way you like!

  • Japanese-style breakfast

    Grilled fish and other Japanese-style side dishes are also available. Our Japanese-style breakfast selection includes fluffy white rice, miso soup, natto (fermented soybeans), and Japanese-style pickles.

  • Breakfast bakery

    Browse a wide selection of breads and baguettes, including croissants, butter rolls, and Danishes.

  • Kansai-style dishes

    Choose from a variety of seasonal dishes highlighting the flavors of Kansai including takoyaki (octopus dumplings), oden (Japanese winter stew), and udon noodles (served hot or cold).

Hotel Nikko Osaka is an Alliance Hotel of Universal Studios Japan.